Forensic Accounting Reports

We have qualitative experience in liquidating and guarding real estate. We, at the Royal Commission for Finance, have won, thank God, the competition to liquidate a property with assets of 200 million riyals, with the support of the Forced Assignment and Liquidation Center. We are proud to be accredited by the Forced Assignment and Liquidation Center of the Ministry of Justice, and we provide technical consultations through our highly experienced team. For clients in disputes and legal proceedings, our judicial support and forensic accounting services include:

    • Inventorying and liquidating estates and receiverships.
    • Judicial guardianship of estates and real estate assets.
    • Inventorying and liquidating estates, following up on operational processes, managing assets and returns, monetizing the estate and distributing returns.
    • Holding auctions in cooperation with our partners.
    • Embezzlement and combating fraud.
    • Anti-fraud consulting and development.
    • Oversight, implementing agreed-upon procedures, issuing a report, examining company books to detect embezzlement and fraud.
    • Providing accounting experience reports and submitting reports for the purpose of submitting them to the security authorities and prosecutors.