RFC is a licensed Saudi professional company based on the values of integrity, professionalism and commitment, and RFC is professional in providing audit, audit, tax, judicial support and consulting services. Professionalism. The idea of creating a professional entity came from the chartered accountant, Rayan Bin Mohamed Al-Fadil, after obtaining a fellowship from the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (CPA), RFC was established in 2021, and during its first year it was able to build a customer base of more than Fifty Thanks to God, then through the dedication of the work team, a customer, and in the year 2022 AD The customer base has reached ninety customers, with a growth rate of 8%, thanks to God.
RFC is keen to attract the best commercial clients and the strongest local and foreign companies. RFC clients believe that the company is based on lofty professional principles such as integrity, professionalism, and Commitment, and our work team demonstrates these principles in its daily work, which consolidates our belief in We inform our customers of the extent of our commitment to our principles. RFC operates in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf through its headquarters in the capital, Riad, and provides its services To its customers throughout the region, and as part of its strategic plan, the company targets Expanding the geographical scope of its presence in the main regions of the Kingdom.
Because professionalism is a principle upon which the RFC is based, we attract the best human resources in fields of the profession, and we create a creative and attractive work environment that provides our staff with complete comfort. Which enables them to carry out their work successfully. The RFC provides various professional services in addition to auditing and taxes, such as professional consulting and… Maintaining books, analyzing risks, managing cash, monitoring off-plan sales projects, and Corporate structuring, risk assessment, and internal audit management, and RFC serves as a successful partner for a number of major Treat clients in accordance with recognized professional principles.
RFC values its customers’ confidence in it, and we see in RFC opportunities for success for our customers. We strive to We helped them achieve them, and we understand customers’ need for advice and counsel and we work with Our professional partners provide professional services to them.

Rayyan Mohamed Alfadhel

    The Co-Founder

Director of the Internal Audit Department in a prestigious semi-governmental entity, he holds CPA and SOCPA certificates with in-depth knowledge and extensive experience for more than 11 years in the fields of auditing, accounting, risk assessment, internal control, financial policies and procedures, and financial reporting.

Islam Diab

     Executive director of auditing

– More than 16 years of experience in the field of accounting and auditing in the Mazars Mustafa Shawqi office and professional offices in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
– Specialized in auditing, reviewing and assurance consulting. He directly supervised the issuance of audit reports for major joint-stock companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
– Member of the Egyptian Society of Accountants and Auditors
– Member of the Egyptian Tax Association

Professional and commercial leadership contributes to our being among the top 10 professional brands in the Kingdom

To grow to be among the largest professional offices in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by the year 2030.